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welcome to the barebones info website for the Rook Unit!
she's a little digital construct that serves as our stream mascot and chat bot.
here is some info about her current commands and functions.

"there are several currencies in this world"
Currency Description
WorldCoin these are channel points. you can use them to play vox messages onstream or buy crafting materials to make snacks and relics for rook.
Bits regular ol twitch bits! you can use these for !vox and !souls, as well as the SoundAlerts system beneath the stream on web.
TipChips whenever you send a donation, you get TipChips at a rate of 1tc to 0.01 USD. these can currently be used for !tc souls and !tc vox.
you can also give them to other chatters, and store them in the storehouse for anyone to use!
EchoCrumbs byproduct created when people use stream features that cost bits or tipchips. they are given out to random chatters.
they do not do anything and have never done anything... But They Will Someday !

"commands that make stuff happen onstream"
Command Description
cheer250 !vox
!tc vox
spend 250 bits or TipChips to play a message using the Black Mesa Announcement System. check the vox info page for how to use it! (hint: the vox is NOT text-to-speech and has a limited vocab!)

ex: cheer250 !vox buzwarn funny rook eat a pepsi
ex: !tc vox buzwarn funny rook eat a pepsi
cheer500 !souls
!tc souls
spend 500 bits or TipChips to plaster a dire message across the screen. This is harsh...

ex: cheer500 !souls you defeated
ex: !tc souls you died
cheer500 !xiv
!tc xiv
spend 500 bits or TipChips to plaster a fantastic proclamation across the screen.
learn more about what that means and how to use it at the xiv info page.

ex: cheer500 !xiv questcomplete shb
ex: !tc xiv progressmade

"general usefuls"
Command Description
!hello, !bye, !goodnight etc exchange pleasantries with rook! there are a lot of these. collect them all!
!schedule get a link to the current week's stream schedule tweet... if i remembered to update it!!
!info returns stream or game-specific info, if applicable. (ie randomizer seed, arena id, whatever)
!tip, !donate get a link to the donation page.
!help, !about links to this page!
!uptime gets the uptime for the current stream.
!random # # returns a random number between two numbers. (inclusive)

ex: !random 3 22
!roll #d# rolls a number of dice with a number of sides.

ex: !roll 2d6

"inventory management etc"
Command Description
!inventory check your inventory.
!tc check check your TipChip balance.
!iteminfo ItemName read an item's description.
!recipe ItemName check an item's recipe.
!craft Itemname craft an item, if you have the required parts.
!storehouse check ItemName check if the public storehouse contains a certain item.
!storehouse check all get a list of everything in the public storehouse.
!storehouse deposit ItemName Amount deposit an item from your inventory into the public storehouse.
amount is optional and will just give 1 if not specified.
!storehouse withdraw ItemName Amount withdraw an item from the public storehouse to your inventory.
amount is optional and will just give 1 if not specified.
!give Username ItemName Amount give an item from your inventory to another user in the chat.
amount is optional and will just give 1 if not specified.
!crumbs check your EchoCrumb balance. (soon to be deprecated!)