yossy island
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welcome to the barebones info website for the Yossy Island stream!!!
Transforming Yossy will cost a sum of bits.
This price can be adjusted by me and mods during the stream in order to help keep the flow of gameplay smooth and interesting.
Current bit's cost will be displayed onstream.
Transformation commands will go into a queue, displayed onstream.
If there are no transformations in the queue, Rook will process commands immediately.
If there are transformations in the queue, the next transformation will happen after the current one ends. (approximately)
"Get Dizzy" commands will be put into their own separate queue, represented by a number onstream.
They can overlap with Transformation commands, and this queue is merely so that they don't get cut short by further Get Dizzy commands.

You must cheer with bits and a message. Begin your message with one of the following commands.
Be sure to BEGIN your message with the bits emoji for it to work.
For Example: cheer100 !car
!car, !mole, !helicopter, !train, !mushroom, !submarine, !ski, !baby, !superbaby, !dizzy
If you cheer with a multiple of the bit cost for one transformation, Rook will add more to the queue.
For example: If one Transformation is 100 bits, and you donate 200 bits with "!car", two Car transformations will be entered into the queue.
This is easier than adding special functionality to increase the timer......

This hack requires a certain visual mode to be enabled at all times in order to enable the Get Dizzy visual effects.
This mode is normally only enabled for the small handful of stages and areas which use Fuzzys as an obstacle.
As such, it clashes with a ton of other visuals in the game. Namely:
- Large-scale sprite warping will go into hell. (ie bosses)
- Dialogue popups will not display.
- Game slows down badly when there is a lot of sprite rotation going on.
- Pseudo-3D effects will not display. (ie falling doors in Burt the Bashful's castle)
- Definitely more!!!!!!!!
If we encounter an area that cannot be completed with this forced visual mode, we'll disable it temporarily.
This will make Get Dizzy mode look weird, but however, it's small price to pay...

It's Yossy. Has the unique ability to lose Baby Mario when struck, enter pipes, and complete levels. Can do eggs.
Dizzy (!dizzy)
Makes Yoshi dizzy. This stacks with other formes. Will ruin Yossy's controls, the level graphics, the music, and make you fall through the floor sometimes. Ideal!
Car Yossy (!car)
Cruisin'! Can extend its wheels to move its body up a little bit, and do a little jump when against a wall. Can do this, infinitely, for some reason...???
Can defeat enemies by dropping onto them.
Mole Yossy (!mole)
Crawlin'! Can climb most surfaces. Not really made to navigate most of the game's levels, but will do its best.
Can defeat enemies by dropping onto them.
Train Yossy (!train)
Chuggin'! Can move along the ground and that's about it. Only really made to function in special sub-rooms.
Can defeat enemies by dropping onto them, but good luck doing it...
Mushroom Yossy (!mushroom)
Nothing. Time out. No gravity. Cannot die. Peaceful
Submarine Yossy (!submarine)
Swimmin'! Can, shockingly, travel along the ground. Can fire torpedoes, but they don't seem to do much...
Can defeat enemies by dropping onto them.
Helicopter Yossy (!helicopter)
THIS IS GOD'S POWER!!!!! Fly free in 8 directions!!!
Can defeat enemies by dropping onto them.
Baby Mario (!baby)
THIS IS GOD'S OTHER POWER!!!!! Run and glide with a baby's cape!!!
Can defeat enemies by jumping on them, and also deletes certain enemies with a mere touch...?
Super Baby Mario (!superbaby)
Like Baby Mario, but with a superstar effect. Destroys all enemy with a touch, in theory.
Ski Yossy (!ski)
Refreshing! Can only travel to the right. Turns into a snown ball sometimes when Yossy is upset. If you reach a wall, it's time to relax.
Can defeat enemies by dropping onto them.