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welcome to the barebones info website for the Rook Unit!
Q. what is all this item and crafting stuff for?? A. NOTHING YET!!! i'm working on a small game that will put all these things to use. thank u for your patientce.

here are some Snack recipeps you can try.
after crafting a Snack, you can feed rook with !feed ItemName!

ChuftyCookie: GutsShard 2ea
MuscleMilk: PowerShard 2ea
FortuneCandy: LuckShard 2ea
SportsDrink: RunShard 2ea
MindBone: BrainShard 2ea
GummyShark: SwimShard 2ea
BirdSeed: FlyShard 2ea
PHYSICS_OBJECT: CrimeShard 2ea