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here is some of Chess Stream Patch Notes

~ 11/7/20 ~
- overhauled the vox info page by a Lot. it should look ok on both web and mobile.
- overhauled the way new vox sounds are added to the rook project, so it's easier for me to add more.
- taught rook how to build the vox info html page and add all current vocab to it so i don't have to.
- new vox vocab: bake, bengal, birthday, can, cannot, chance, cheat, clown, cogrunlatis, corn, donation, dot, fake, fantasy, happy, how, if, improvement, just, kiss, like, love, make, me, midgardsormr, mom, more, n't, neat, or, party, possibility, really, sad, said, say, seat, smooch, so, sort, t, v, w, w, when, where, why
- realized i might start losing my mind if i have to maintain the patch notes on the site and in the discord, so might abandon these one's. join the discord already!!

~ 11/3/20 ~
- added several new soundalerts recently.
- added new functionality to vox: Pitch. precede a word with +s or -s to pitch up and down. each - pitches down 5% and each + pitches up 10%. (due to these sound optimal.) you can mix them, but that's Silly. the minimum pitch is 75% and the maximum pitch is 150%. Have Fun
- various rook backend tweaks and fixes.

~ 10/21/20 ~
- added PLASMA !! to soundalerts.
- added DASH DASH DASH!! to soundalerts.
- removed o from soundalerts because we hit the button limit and it's too quiet+short to hear 99% of the time...
- added a special visual cue for raids... ;^3
- various rook backend tweaks and fixes.

~ 10/20/20 ~
- fixed a bug where tipchips were causing the inventory check routine to terminate early.
- added a voxMode toggle so that vox can be disabled during certain streams where it would be too disruptive.
- added im interested in this. to soundalerts.

~ 10/12/20 ~
- added a simple raffle functionality to rook for giveaways etc!
- changed rook's song functionality so that it just displays onstream! you can still bug her with !song if you want to copypaste the title or something, though.
- added a few sounds to the vox from ashley: petal, crash, fairy, faerie, puzzle, ashley, lalafell. updated the vox vocab and checker with the new words.
- fixed a small bug where if user checked their inventory while it was empty, but they had tipchips, rook would just say "____ is holding."

~ 10/5/20 ~
- fixed the !song command so it doesn't require a janky external program anymore. rook learned how to read window titles!
- fixed a bug where rook wasn't deducting tipchips for certain commands during a specific stream... oops...
- tweaked visuals of souls message onstream (color key was a little bad)

~ 10/2/20 ~
- fixed some rendering issues with the !souls command, no longer gets cut off vertically when using wave etc
- enhanced rook's ability to recognize thanks
- added more admin functionality

~ 10/1/20 ~
- made some changes to various text objects. users can no longer manipulate the text which appears onstream in the rooklog by using richtext tags.
- ... i did however whitelist some richtext tags for the !souls command. there's normal funny stuff like wiggle, jitter, and color, but i also added support for my own twitch emotes, as well as a few bonus emotes.
    - <c=color>: change the color of the text. works with hex codes (ie <c=34abeb>) and a few basic colors (ie <c=red>)
    - <w>: wavy text. has a few bonus forms: <w=seasick>, <w=sassy>, <w=fancy>
    - <j>: jittery text.
    - ... and one more secret function!
- also, i lifted the char limit (within reason, theres still a limit of Some Hundred) on the !souls command, because the text now squishes to fit into the allotted space if it's too long. hooray!
- finally Actually fixed crumbs not being awarded for use of souls/vox commands...

~ 9/29/20 ~
- finally allowed chatters access to the !souls bits command and !tc souls tipchip command. this will display a dark souls "VICTORY ACHIEVED" style message over the stream. it costs 500 bits/tipchips. it's priced a little high because i feel like it has the potential to be visually disruptive, but Very funny... gotta make it count!!

also if people misuse this for evil i will destroy it until i have the time to figure out a good way to limit its vocabulary or make people choose from predetermined ones. be nice!
- added the !souls command to allow checking if souls messages are currently enabled. i'll disable em sometimes maybe... this is mostly here Just In Case - updated rook command list on site and beneath stream
- fixed the echo crumb distribution for vox, which was failing to give crumbs to the actual user of the vox. crumbs still dont do anything. hang in there
- updated some backend stuff

~ 9/28/20 ~
- hastily crammed vox checker into the vox page
- added "bonus bean room" to soundalerts
- fixed rook snack sprites (i broke them a little bit)

~ 9/23/20 ~
- updated the recipe's page to have images of the snacks.
- added !info command: spits out a message read from a text file, allowing for stream-specific info without making a new build of rook
- destroyed old !info command as a result, since it was just an alias of !about anyway
- added !catwarn command: makes a catwarn sound to alert me that pretzel is no longer on camera. can only be used if catmode is enabled.
- added !song and !songname commands: returns the title of the currently playing song (provided i actually remember to open the stopgap program which tracks this)
- fixed !schedule being erroneously flagged as an admin command....
- tweaked timing and sprite order of rook eat animation

~ 9/16/20 ~
- added !rookinventory and !rookinv commands to check rook's inventory.
- began work on equipping relics. (not 100% done)
- fixed a bug with echo crumbs where they would not always be delivered successfully.

~ 9/2/20 ~
- shuffled some things on the site around, put a command list on here as well
- changed name of "FateCoin" currency awarded for donations to "TipChip". it was too confusing having two currencies with name of "Coin"!!!! updated all commands, dialogue, and below-stream info to reflect this.
- added !donate and !tip commands: links to the tips page.
- added !help, !info and !about commands: links to this web site.
- added !schedule command: links to this week's stream schedule.
- added !schedule command: links to this week's stream schedule.
- added some mod commands. you needn't worry your self about them.
- cleaned up some backend stuff and improved debugging features.
- Mysterious new feature.

~ 8/29/20 ~
- new sounds in the SoundAlerts panel this week: 'bone !', 'Level 2 Light Spell', 'You've Just Powered Up.'
- boosted the volume of 'klump_die.wav' and 'ronaldinho's message' to more closely match other sounds.

~ 8/28/20 ~
- added this deeply rudimentary patchnotes page to the site
- added !heyo greeting command
- added !patchnotes command to link to this whebpage
- added new vox sounds: afunny, funwarn, goofwarn, ding, dingding, dingdingding
- added optional usage cap for vox sounds so ppl can't spam long ones (currently only applies dingdingding, which has a limit of 1 use per vox relay). people have generally been good about it but Just In Case
- fixed some small bugs but i forget what